Kate - just now gave it a listen -- splendid songs and you sing like an angel! Thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of this project. xoxo T"   Tom Ball, Professional Musicianhttp://www.tomball.us/main_page_bio.html” - Tom Ball
Listening to Divine Secrets, just arrived in the mail. It is really wonderful! Thank you for this beautiful music." Richard Flynn, Professor of Literature https://sites.google.com/a/georgiasouthern.edu/rflynn/” - Richard Flynn
I am loving this wonderful cd by Kate Bennett. Her music is a bit country, bayou, folksy, and clearly presented in love. As I listen, I'm surprised with unexpected musical changes (if that makes sense). In other words, nothing boring here. (Smile). Kate's work is delightful, insightful, and beautiful. Wow!" Deborah Garcia, Educator and Artist ” - Deborah Garcia
Found your cd in the mailbox this morning and it is already feeling like a treasured old friend. Magnificent!"   Michael Austin, Businessman  ” - Michael Austin
G and I just finished listening to your CD. I think I am too wiped out to give you the praise you truly deserve, You have so found your voice. You were dark and real and deeper than I knew you to be. There was no compromise in your voice, you gave it. We will talk about it soon but now I am to bed. Thank you. You amaze me. We love you, G + D  BTW G cried at Aloha Wind." Dyan Olsen, Songwriter and Musician  https://www.facebook.com/Dogs-of-Bali-329764891010/timeline” - Dyan Olsen
Dear Kate, We listened to your CD the other night on the way to a gig, and MAN!! what a great CD it is! You and your songs sound lovely and the production and arrangements are stellar, absolutely state of the art. I want to write some reviews for you and brag to the listers about it, with your okay. Let me know what outlets it’s going to be sold through. Congratulations! I totally know the amount of work that went into it and how little people notice such things but I wanted to let you know that I HEAR IT. Some songs triggered memories of k.d.lang’s Ingenue  and some of Bonnie Raitt, but regardless, it’s classic modern Americana. So proud of and happy for you, Kate. Love to you and Jeff, Dave Dave Blackburn, Producer/Engineer/Musician at Beat 'n Track Recording and Mastering,” - Dave Blackburn
Kate it's a beautiful album of beautiful songs. Really nicely produced with some outstanding supporting talent. David West must be an amazing multi-talented musician to work with, and it was cool to see that Voice Lois joined you on Worth the Wait. Also that Sierra joined you on song for Sierra! Thank you, I think you've painted your masterpiece." Richard Houghton, Owner Magic Earth Landscapes ” - Richard Houghton
Kate~~ I just received your music CD yesterday here in OZ~~ I have it on as I write this~~ very beautiful voice~~easy ~and flowing~~ it seems to 'take me 'back to some early '70's vibes days in the mountains & near the sea in Hawaii...Thankyou !.. (may I say that there are hints in your lovely voice of a young Nicolette Larsen & a very young Joni M on one other song) ...love the whole sound with the others ..Jo Davis, Professional Artist ” - Jo Davis
Well, Divine Secrets is beyond divine. I love your voice, your songs, and all. I particularly like Louisiana Roadhouse, Divine Secrets, Last Night, Aloha Wind, and actually all your songs. Thank you so much for your beautiful CD. I truly love it and appreciate your exceptional talent. I'm driving to LA on Sunday and I know I'll have great music on the road. Thanks again. x J Jane Ayer, President Jane Ayer Public Relations www.janeayerpr.com” - Jane Ayer